Pre Box RS Digital - Project Audio

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Pre Box RS Digital - Project Audio

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The most universal & future-proof high-end pre-amplifier, DAC, headphone amp!  


Pre Box RS Digital combines all features of DAC Box RS plus a very linear pre-amplifier with both solid-state and tube output stages, that can be selected alternatively. As in all our top-class digital products, we use PCM1792 DAC chips from Texas Instruments, but here we use 2 pieces in a dual differential mode to achieve ultimate fidelity. As a selectable feature a second DAC chip from Texas Instruments is on board, that can handle 32bit/384kHz. A high-class headphone output with selectable impedance for a perfect match to your headphones is also provided. Pre Box Digital RS offers 3-dimensional sound-staging, perfect micro dynamics and ultimate resolution combined with flexibility to use a wide range of digital and 1 analogue sound sources. Perfectly combined with Pro-Ject CD Box RS disc drive, Pre Box RS Digital will give outstanding sound experience, because of a I²S connection provided via RJ45, that is able to give jitter-free disc playback.  


Other unique advantages of this true high-end DAC/preamplifier:  

1. Fully balanced double mono design with DAC chip selection  

2. Class-A circuitry with no negative feedback  

3. Tube or solid state output stage can be selected alternatively  

4. Separate power supply as an upgrade option for further improved sound quality.  

5. Headphone output for outstanding experience.  


Pre Box RS Digital is available in silver or black finish.  

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